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Delayed treatment can worsen Lyme disease for Illinois residents

Lyme disease is well-known for the damage it can cause. But for people in Illinois, it is not just the disease itself that is an issue. A failure to diagnose Lyme disease can result in delayed treatment and a worsened condition. Patients who have the disease but are unable to have it detected and treated effectively are possibly at risk for prolonged suffering.

Alleged failure to diagnose results in kidney failure, lawsuit

An Illinois woman is seeking $250,000 in damages after a doctor allegedly failed to diagnose her properly, leading to her subsequent kidney failure. The misdiagnosis occurred when the woman sought treatment from the doctor between January 2012 and April 2013, according to the lawsuit. Her condition reportedly declined so much during that time that the woman had to be hospitalized due to the failure of her kidneys.

Surgical equipment left inside patient; malpractice lawsuit filed

Patients in Illinois may want to learn about a medical malpractice suit that was filed by a woman and her husband after surgeons found a surgical glove left in her abdominal cavity during a previous surgery. The Montana couple is suing physicians at Creighton University Medical Center and Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction in Nebraska for failure to tell her the initial surgery was unlikely to help her get pregnant, professional negligence and damaging her family relationships.

Surgical simulators may improve operation outcomes

Illinois doctors may be able to improve their skills in the operating room before ever entering one by using surgical simulators. When a doctor is attempting to learn a new procedure or get a hands-on experience, they have one of two options: operating on a patient or using a virtual-reality program that mimics the actual process. The obvious advantage of a simulator is that a surgical error is simply logged into a computer instead of having a negative impact on a patient.

Towards fair reporting of hospital errors

Illinois residents may be interested to hear that a nonprofit advocate of healthcare buyers has recently completed a survey that details the frequency of what it calls "never events;" events involving surgical or nonsurgical errors in hospitals that should never happen. The survey found that these errors are surprisingly common. They happen up to 200 times per day to Medicare patients alone.

Emergency procedures linked to surgical error

Patients and their doctors in Illinois may have already intuited that emergency surgery is riskier than a planned operation, and a new study adds some evidence to support the idea. Researchers focused on the common factors present in cases with complications over eight months of gallbladder surgeries. Out of almost 600 surgeries, they spotted 22 patients with complications and noted several similarities within the group.

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