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Healthcare staff largely silent when witnessing medical errors

A widespread culture of silence among healthcare workers enables medical errors to go unchallenged in Illinois and throughout the country. A report produced by VitalSmarts and the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses revealed that over half of the nurses, doctors, clinical support workers and administrators that responded had seen colleagues break rules and make mistakes.

Emergency room doctors and medical malpractice

People in Illinois may be interested in a study that demonstrates some of the reasons why emergency room physicians are sued much more frequently than are other doctors. The study was conducted by the nation's largest medical malpractice insurance company, and the results were released on April 13.

Illinois' medical malpractice statute of limitations

Illinois patients who suspect that they were the victims of medical malpractice may be unsure where they will find the time to collect their medical records, contact an attorney and initiate a malpractice case. It may be even more difficult if they are still recovering from a botched surgery or are undergoing long-term treatment as a result of a delayed diagnosis. However, because of the statute of limitations on medical malpractice suits, it may be beneficial to start the process as soon as possible.

Asking doctors the right questions may help reduce complications

Chicago residents may be hesitant to ask their doctors questions when they receive medical treatment, but a strong doctor-patient relationship is vital for efficient care. By knowing the right questions to ask their doctors, patients may be able to positively impact their recovery from illnesses or surgeries.

Medical errors account for 400,000 U.S. hospital deaths

Illinois readers might be interested to learn that an estimated 400,000 deaths happen every year in U.S. hospitals because of medical errors, according to an article published by the Journal of Patient Safety. Some of the most common serious errors happen during surgery or post-op, or involve medication or hospital-acquired conditions. Major errors that occur during surgery include operating on the wrong part of the body, operating on the wrong person and performing the wrong operation. According to the Center for Transforming Healthcare's chief medical officer, wrong-site surgeries occur in the U.S. between 40 and 60 times every week.

Statistics show 440,000 deaths per year from medical malpractice

Residents in Chicago may be interested in a study conducted by the Journal of Patient Safety, which estimated that 440,000 people die per year as a result of medical errors. The toxicologist who ran the study asked whether hospitals were taking every step necessary to prevent doctor errors and whether they were learning from past mistakes.

Bereaved mother leads fight against preventable medical errors

Illinois parents may have heard about a mother who lost her 11-year-old daughter to undetected respiratory arrest during routine surgery in 2002. The use of a simple monitor during the application of anesthetic could have prevented the alleged medical malpractice from ever occurring in the first place. Ten years later, she began working to get legislation passed in California so the same tragedy wouldn't happen to others.

Medical mistakes more prevalent in July? Study mostly busts myth

The old saw that the worst time to be sick in a hospital is in July, when new doctors are released into the wards, turns out to be only partly true. According to a new study, medical malpractice or other mistakes only impact the sickest patients the most negatively if they are treated at a teaching hospital in July than in any other month. The head researcher said that people who are the most at risk of dying in a hospital already are the ones most likely to feel any effect from physician experience.

Medical mistakes cost 440,000 lives every year

It is estimated that more than 440,000 people die as a result of medical mistakes in U.S. hospitals every year. Preventable errors like foreign objects left in patients' bodies, tumors left undetected and wrong medication prescription doses account for many such mistakes. However, a physician who is trying to improve safety at the University of Illinois, Chicago, reports that more errors being reported means that there are more chances to fix the situations that caused the errors to begin with.

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