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Oxygen deprivation during birth leads to permanent brain injury

For parents in Illinois and elsewhere, the birth of a child is a cause for celebration. From the moment a child comes into the world, the parents may wish to shield him or her from any harm. Unfortunately, there are numerous risks involved in child birth, and if negligence is present in any form, the child can suffer irreparable harm, such as a brain injury, which can lead to damages that persist throughout life.

Potential causes and signs of a serious brain injury

Certain injuries can create hardships in life that challenge a person's ability to perform everyday tasks. While many injuries can have such potentially devastating consequences, one of the most difficult to endure might be a brain injury. Individuals in Illinois and elsewhere may find it beneficial to know the potential causes and signs of brain injuries, as catching a similar condition in the early stages may help avoid unnecessary suffering.

Woman suffers brain injury following surgery to remove a tumor

Countless individuals have undergone a surgical procedure at some point in their lives. While many of these might involve little to no risk, operations that occur near the brain are serious and require the utmost diligence. Any form of negligence throughout this process can lead to a brain injury, many of which result in long-term or permanent pain and suffering for a patient in Illinois.

Man suffers severe brain injury during surgery in Illinois

Many individuals are forced to undergo major health procedures every day. These tasks are performed by surgeons who undergo years of extensive training and preparation. In many surgeries, there is little to no room for error, and negligence of any form can cause a patient to suffer permanent damage, such as a brain injury. Patients in Illinois expect a surgeon to be capable of properly performing their procedures and ensuring no long-term injuries occur as a result.

You have legal rights in the aftermath of a brain injury

Most Illinois residents do not expect to leave a medical facility in worse shape than when they arrived. They expect medical personnel to be competent and not to make mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and some of those mistakes can cause a permanent brain injury that will forever alter the life of the patient.

Jury says child's brain injury resulted from medical malpractice

Without oxygen, the human body will not function properly and will suffer damage. Some Illinois parents might be able to empathize with one family whose infant did not receive enough oxygen during birth and suffered a brain injury as a result. Not surprisingly, the boy's parents filed a lawsuit against the doctor who attended the birth, along with the hospital where it happened.

The lasting effects from a brain injury can be unpredictable

Any number of things can go wrong when Illinois doctors are treating patients, and the consequences to the patients could alter their lives forever. This is particularly true when it comes to a brain injury. It is difficult to pinpoint what lasting effects an individual will have when the brain is damaged. Furthermore, some issues will not be apparent right away, but could reveal themselves in the weeks and months following the trauma.

Family says dentist caused little girl's brain injury

When a person is about to undergo surgery, how they will be affected by anesthesia is often a concern. However, few people consider that being "put under" at a dentist's office could cause them harm. In fact, it might be difficult for Illinois readers to correlate a visit to the dentist with a brain injury.

Treating a traumatic brain injury with video games is possible

Many Illinois parents are concerned with the amount of time their children spend playing video games. They might find it shocking to know that a new study indicates that video games can help people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Preliminary results indicate that participants enjoyed noticeable improvements in cognitive functions after playing when compared to the control group.

A brain injury does not always occur from a blow to the head

Each year, numerous people here in Illinois and across the country suffer from brain injuries. The cause varies from person to person, but most people believe that a blow to the head, as in a car accident, a fall or something similar, causes a brain injury. However, a person can suffer brain damage without being struck in the head.

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