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Illinois woman sues for medical malpractice

A woman is alleging in a civil complaint filed in Cook County Circuit Court on March 16 that a doctor and his medical practice, Northwest Health Care Associates, caused her permanently disabling injuries due to negligent medical treatment. In her lawsuit, the woman is seeking more than $50,000 in damages as well as her costs.

Infections after surgery are responsible for most readmissions

According to studies, many of the readmissions back to the hospital after surgery are due to infections at the incision points. Illinois residents will be interested to know that researchers have been studying hospital readmissions in an attempt to control health costs and to ensure better care for patients. It is hoped that by instituting changes, the readmissions to the hospital after surgery will be reduced.

Medical complications after stem cell transplant

After a person in Illinois undergoes a stem cell transplant for cancer, there are some medical complications that the patient could experience at a later date. Some of these could be linked to the transplant procedure itself while others are a side effect of the other cancer treatments that the patient may have had to undergo.

Vicarious liability in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, people who have come to harm due to the action or inaction of an organization may choose to place a civil suit against the business or group under the principle of vicarious liability. This form of liability refers to the responsibility that an employer, owner or supervisor has to properly control and regulate their employees so as to ensure safety and consistent quality of practice. This would mean that any medical business or other establishment might be included in a lawsuit that stems from a surgical error committed by an employee.

Surgical errors and outpatient surgery centers

People in Illinois are increasingly scheduled for surgery at outpatient surgery centers in lieu of having the procedure take place in a hospital. These centers have surged in popularity, touting sleek facilities and the ability for patients to go home the same day.

Reducing the occurrence of wrong site surgeries

People throughout Illinois know that there are risks associated with any surgery, but some injuries and even fatalities have nothing to do with allergic reactions or unexpected problems. One error that is completely preventable is operating on the wrong side of the body or applying a surgical procedure to the wrong patient. Prior to 1999, the medical community lacked a clear process for tracking and reporting these mistakes, but the Joint Commission found wrong site surgeries to be the third leading cause of surgery-related injuries and deaths.

Wrong-site surgery causes, methods of prevention

Hospitals and staff take precautions to avoid errors, but there are instances when medical mistakes harm patients. Common causes of wrong-site surgery have been identified, and measures are now in place to stop surgeries from happening on the incorrect side or place on the body. While WWS is very serious, Illinois residents have little to fear because these incidents are rare. Additionally, doctors will make efforts to verify information with their patients before surgery is performed.

Wrong-site surgery and Chicago patients

When a doctor performs surgery on the wrong part of the body or performs the wrong procedure, it is known as wrong-site surgery. This type of surgical error more common that Chicago patients might think, and it is a major cause for medical malpractice lawsuits. Wrong-site surgery happens when health care providers fail to communicate properly according to best practices. Recent data from the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority suggest that the number of wrong-site surgeries is not going down.

Illinoisans may have less information about their hospitals

Although the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had denied that such changes were taking place, the government is taking away access to information related to how often certain types of mistakes are made in hospitals. This will have the effect of not allowing patients to research which hospitals have a higher rate of errors or which errors that they may make.

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