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The possible causes and consequences of a severe brain injury

While severe head injuries can come in a multitude of shapes and forms, there are a variety of scenarios in which a person in Illinois or elsewhere could suffer such harm in a medical setting. Brain injuries resulting from medical negligence can lead a long-term or permanent consequences that could severely impact a person's capabilities and quality of life. As such, many individuals may wish to know the types of negligence that could increase the risk of brain injury and how such a scenario might affect their lives.

Newborn child suffers permanent brain injury

As patients in Illinois and elsewhere prepare to welcome a child into the world, they rely upon medical professionals to take every possible measure to provide the necessary care to them and their newborns. Any form of negligence that is present during such a process could have disastrous consequences that may leave a child with severe or life-altering injuries. A settlement has reportedly been reached in a recent medical malpractice lawsuit after an incident left a newborn child with a permanent brain injury.

Woman suffers brain injury after cosmetic surgery

People trust that when they go to the doctor, they will be given the best care possible. That is generally the case, but there are instances where a medical professional may neglect to provide proper treatment. When this happens, the consequences can be devastating to Illinois patients and their families. If the patient receives a brain injury due to a physician's error, he or she may need lifelong care as a result. One out-of-state family is contending with just that after they say that their daughter suffered brain damage during what they say should have been routine cosmetic surgery.

Failure to monitor oxygen levels leaves child with brain injury

When medical professionals fail to properly monitor the condition of a patient during pregnancy, the results can be disastrous. In some cases, a similar form of negligence could increase the risks a child may suffer a severe brain injury, and such an injury could leave a child in Illinois with a need for long-term or permanent medical care. A woman recently filed a lawsuit against a medical facility claiming that negligent treatment left her son with permanent brain damage.

Negligent care leaves child with permanent brain injury

Any form of negligence that is present during the birth of a child could leave that child with serious or even life-altering injuries. Kids in Illinois who suffer a brain injury at birth due to the negligent actions of a medical professional may face a variety of challenges throughout the remainder of life. A woman and her daughter were recently awarded a substantial monetary judgment in a medical malpractice claim after the actions of her doctors left the child with permanent brain damage.

Negligence during childbirth could lead to a severe brain injury

When preparing to bring a child into the world, parents in Illinois and elsewhere may rely on medical professionals to take every precaution in ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and any form of negligence that is present before, during or after childbirth can place the safety of the child at risk. The consequences of complications could leave a child suffering from a variety of serious medical conditions, such as Erb's Palsy or a severe brain injury.

Delay in care causes child to suffer a permanent brain injury

When a child is born, parents in Illinois and elsewhere expect medical professionals to be capable of providing their baby with the necessary care. Should a newborn child experience medical issues, parents may rely on doctors to provide swift medical attention, as delays in treatment could prove harmful to the child's health. A family in another state recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit after negligent treatment left their child with a permanent brain injury.

Incorrect diagnosis leaves woman with permanent brain injury

Prior to deciding on a path of treatment, medical professionals in Illinois must be diligent in properly diagnosing the condition of a patient. Should doctors fail to provide this standard of care, a patient could end up with injuries that may alter his or her life substantially. A family in another state was recently awarded a judgment of $7 million after an incorrect course of treatment left a woman with a permanent damages and a severe brain injury.

Negligence during care leads to brain injury for child

When a patient in Illinois receives treatment from multiple doctors, communication may be key to ensuring his or her health is protected. Should a medical professional fail to properly document the treatment provided, or fail to check on previous treatments when administering care, the patient could be placed at risk in the process. A family has recently reached a settlement with a medical facility after claiming that negligence during labor caused their child to suffer a permanent brain injury.

Oxygen deprivation during birth leads to permanent brain injury

For parents in Illinois and elsewhere, the birth of a child is a cause for celebration. From the moment a child comes into the world, the parents may wish to shield him or her from any harm. Unfortunately, there are numerous risks involved in child birth, and if negligence is present in any form, the child can suffer irreparable harm, such as a brain injury, which can lead to damages that persist throughout life.

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