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Quick and proper treatment of a brain injury can arrest damage

Each year, a number of Illinois residents suffer head trauma in accidents of all types. The signs of brain injury are not always readily apparent, but in many cases, it is obvious that an individual suffered a moderate to severe head injury. Quick and proper treatment is crucial in order to arrest the damage done.

Considering a medical malpractice claim after a brain injury

When Illinois readers hear about brain injuries, they may tend to think of someone receiving a blow to the head. However, this is not the only way that the brain can suffer serious and permanent damage. A brain injury can be caused by an error by one or more medical personnel responsible for safeguarding a patient's life.

Medication errors can lead to wrongful death claims

Medications are designed to cure or manage numerous injuries and illnesses when correctly prescribed and administered. A source estimates that nearly 7,000 people across the country -- including some possibly here in Illinois -- die each year from being given the wrong medications or taking too much of the right medications. Approximately one-quarter of all civil actions for medical malpractice are attributed to errors involving medication. Sadly, some of those claims are for wrongful death. 

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Q: What is medical malpractice?

A: Medical malpractice is negligence committed by a professional health care provider, such as a doctor, nurse, dentist, technician, hospital worker or hospital, whose treatment of a patient departs from a standard of care met by those with similar training and experience, resulting in harm to a patient...

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