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First medical malpractice loss for concierge medicine practice

Some Illinois residents may have heard of a growing trend in medical care known as concierge medicine practices. These companies usually charge patients a membership fee for what they advertise as better medical service including same-day appointments. Doctors pay a per-patient fee as well, and in return the companies offer marketing and other services. In general, concierge medicine practices maintain that they offer doctors and patients a way to connect but that they are not responsible for the doctors. However, a ruling on Feb. 10 may bring changes to the industry.

COPD and failure to diagnose

When diagnosing COPD, doctors will first interview a patient about their medical history, symptoms, and possibly whether the patient has recently been exposed to lung irritants, such as smoke or pollution. The doctor will then conduct a physical examination by listening to the patient breathe in and out listening to the patient's lungs with a stethoscope.

Infections after surgery are responsible for most readmissions

According to studies, many of the readmissions back to the hospital after surgery are due to infections at the incision points. Illinois residents will be interested to know that researchers have been studying hospital readmissions in an attempt to control health costs and to ensure better care for patients. It is hoped that by instituting changes, the readmissions to the hospital after surgery will be reduced.

Medical complications after stem cell transplant

After a person in Illinois undergoes a stem cell transplant for cancer, there are some medical complications that the patient could experience at a later date. Some of these could be linked to the transplant procedure itself while others are a side effect of the other cancer treatments that the patient may have had to undergo.

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