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December 2014 Archives

Surgical errors and outpatient surgery centers

People in Illinois are increasingly scheduled for surgery at outpatient surgery centers in lieu of having the procedure take place in a hospital. These centers have surged in popularity, touting sleek facilities and the ability for patients to go home the same day.

The most common categories of medical misdiagnosis

Illinois residents may not be aware about how big of an issue misdiagnosis is for health care providers. Despite the efforts to reduce diagnosing a patient with the wrong disease, the issue does not appear to be appreciably subsiding. The most common areas of misdiagnosis have not changed much throughout the years. A review of malpractice cases that are filed with regards to diagnostic errors shows cardiovascular diseases, cancers and infections to be the most typically misdiagnosed diseases.

What is a pulmonary embolism?

As Illinois residents know, there are many medical situations when time is critical, and this is true with pulmonary embolism. Getting to an emergency room and obtaining a correct diagnosis makes a difference in terms of outcome. Pulmonary embolisms happen when blood clots break off and move to the lungs, usually from the lower extremity or hip area. Such blood clots may happen when an individual does not move for long periods such as on a long car trip or airplane flight. It also might occur after surgery or accidents. Individuals with a history of clotting problems, heart surgery, myocardial infarction, stroke, cancer or estrogen use have a higher risk.

Helping grieving families pursue wrongful death claims

When a family in Chicago loses a loved one due to the negligence of medical professionals, the family may decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the liable parties. Although this process can feel overwhelming for grieving families, many people choose to continue their efforts in order to seek justice for their loss.

Ways of diagnosing cancer

Sometimes in the process of a typical medical examination, a lump or suspicious growth may be detected by a doctor. While a patient in Illinois may have noticed the growth themselves, diagnosing definitive cancer may require additional testing and monitoring.

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