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July 2014 Archives

Illnesses that are commonly misdiagnosed

Families in Chicago may benefit from learning more about which illnesses are most commonly misdiagnosed in the United States. Recent statistics underscore how important it is for patients to seek a second opinion from another physician. Studies indicate that around 10 to 20 percent of all medical cases are effected by a delayed, incorrect or missed diagnosis. Among 528 misdiagnoses sampled in a study, 28 percent resulted in permanent disability or a condition that was potentially fatal. Statistics indicate that there are approximately 12 million conditions misdiagnosed each year.

Suit filed against medical facilities after surgery complications

An Illinois woman recently filed a medical malpractice claim against Progressive Women's Healthcare S.C. and its doctor as well as St. Alexius Medical Center and two of its doctors. The claim was filed in Cook County Circuit Court on July 10, and it alleges that the defendants failed to diagnose the woman during surgery, resulting in another surgery.

Delayed treatment can worsen Lyme disease for Illinois residents

Lyme disease is well-known for the damage it can cause. But for people in Illinois, it is not just the disease itself that is an issue. A failure to diagnose Lyme disease can result in delayed treatment and a worsened condition. Patients who have the disease but are unable to have it detected and treated effectively are possibly at risk for prolonged suffering.

Hospital and doctor sued over woman's pulmonary embolism

The family of an Illinois woman who died from a pulmonary embolism has filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court. On June 10, an administrator of the deceased woman's estate filed a wrongful death claim against Specialty Physicians of Illinois LLC, Loyola University Medical Center and the doctor who discharged the woman shortly before her death.

Surgical errors that should never happen

Some surgical errors are never supposed to happen.  These are called "never events."  Yet about 80 times a week, U.S. patients undergoing surgery experience a mistake that should never happen.  These include leaving surgical instruments, needles or sponges inside the patient, operating on the wrong part of the body, or operating on the wrong patient entirely.  This can include everything from removing the wrong breast in a mastectomy, or the wrong kidney in a nephrectomy, to cutting into the left lung when it is the right lung that needs the procedure.  The consequences of these unacceptable mistakes range from a temporary harm to a permanent injury.  Payouts for these procedures over a 10 year period have ranged up to $7 million.  Over the last several years, Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurance companies have taken the position that they will not pay the medical bills for these "never event" surgeries.

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