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October 2013 Archives

800 surgical tools left in patients since 2005

Illinois residents who seek medical care may be concerned to hear that there have been nearly 800 instances of surgical implements being left in patients since 2005. This information comes from the The Joint Commission, a nonprofit organization that seeks to ensure that hospitals employ and enforce practices that prevent these surgical errors from occurring. According to a spokesperson for the group, this issue is well-known and easily avoidable.

Surgical errors not avoided by use of robot assistants

In U.S. hospitals, including facilities in Chicago, robot-assisted surgery is often advertised as safer and less trouble for patients than normal minimally invasive surgery. However, reports showed that the use of robots in operating rooms could lead to surgical error and cost thousands of dollars more per operation. Despite the claims of the company that manufactured the devices and hospitals and doctors who made more money from their use, in randomized trials robot operations had not been proven to offer significantly improved health benefits compared to traditional surgery.

Bicyclist prevails in case against the City

As a cyclist, I was very happy to read that a bicyclist successfully held a city responsible for an unsafe bicycle path.  The injured rider was riding his triathlon road bike on a bicycle route in the City of Chicago.  The route is a city street, designated a bicycle route with its own lane, which later becomes a shared lane. The cyclist had ridden this road and this route thousands of times before.

Brain damage caused by extended ICU stays

Patients in Illinois might be alarmed to hear that research conducted by Vanderbilt has revealed that brain damage could be caused by extensive ICU stays. According to the research, mental loss can persist for as long as a year after a stay in the ICU unit. Therefore, Vanderbilt researchers have cautioned medical practitioners about using drug-induced comas for critically ill patients.

Cardiac stents overused and causing harm

While Illinois residents with heart conditions may benefit from cardiac stents, which are used to keep a patient's arteries open, their overuse has also lead to medical harm for a number of people. Stents were implanted in seven million patients in the last decade because they are able to restore blood flow to heart attack victims. Approximately 350,000 patients who are in stable condition or are undergoing elective-surgery have stents put in them by doctors.

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