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The most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions

Until recently, Illinois residents had no way of knowing which medical conditions were most likely to be misdiagnosed, but a study done in 2009 has made this information more accessible. The study has provided some incredibly important information, especially since nearly 100,000 people a year die from preventable diseases as a result of medical errors. A group of Florida doctors looked at information from a variety of sources containing autopsy and malpractice data. Their study was able to determine the five diseases most likely to lead to a misdiagnosis and point out ways for medical professionals to improve the accuracy of diagnoses.

Malpractice in Bariatric Bypass Surgery

Bariatric bypass surgery is a lifesaving and life changing event for most people who have the procedure done.  Sometimes, however, complications from the procedure lead to death or major disability.  Even though there are risks inherent to all types of surgery and use of anesthesia, there are risks specific to the individual operation, (i.e., the bypass surgery).  Sometimes these complications come about as a result of medical malpractice.

Towards fair reporting of hospital errors

Illinois residents may be interested to hear that a nonprofit advocate of healthcare buyers has recently completed a survey that details the frequency of what it calls "never events;" events involving surgical or nonsurgical errors in hospitals that should never happen. The survey found that these errors are surprisingly common. They happen up to 200 times per day to Medicare patients alone.

Emergency procedures linked to surgical error

Patients and their doctors in Illinois may have already intuited that emergency surgery is riskier than a planned operation, and a new study adds some evidence to support the idea. Researchers focused on the common factors present in cases with complications over eight months of gallbladder surgeries. Out of almost 600 surgeries, they spotted 22 patients with complications and noted several similarities within the group.

Lack of Communication May Lead to Possible Malpractice

When Illinois residents enter a hospital for treatment, they are often too ill or too scared to pay close attention to the quality of the treatment they receive. Even if family members are close at hand, these individuals may be too upset to think clearly about the quality of treatment their loved ones are undergoing, opening the way for possible medical malpractice. People naturally assume that every procedure will be properly performed, but this is not necessarily the case. Instead of communicating with patients and their families about what procedures need to happen and when, hospital staff may gloss over this aspect of care, leaving patients in the dark.

Unnecessary Surgery

It is shocking to continually read articles about doctors performing unnecessary surgeries.  The most recent story involves Sacred Heart Hospital and some of its doctors.  According to The Bloomberg News, a pulmonologist at the hospital kept patients too sedated to breathe on their own, and then ordered unnecessary tracheostomies so that the hospital could reap huge profits.

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