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What would Victoria do?

Even though Victoria was my client, I never met her.  Her husband hired me to file a wrongful death lawsuit.  Victoria died from an undiagnosed blood clot in her brain - but had it been timely diagnosed, she would have lived.  She would have lived to become, more than likely, a well-known entrepreneur - a leader in her industry. Instead, she died as she was climbing the ladder of success.

At the time Victoria died, she had no real employees - only contract people to do particular tasks. There was no one person to explain to me what she was doing, where she was going, what her business plan was.  I had her computer, her contact list, and her product.  A growing business is not yet profitable because all revenue gets put right back into the business to make it grow some more.  But in a lawsuit, when you are seeking lost future earnings, everyone wants to look at the income line on the tax returns.  Her income line showed a loss.

There are plenty of prior cases involving the death of a young adult who by all accounts had a very good career ahead of them.  You put on evidence of the promotions they've received so far, call their boss to the stand to testify about their positive reviews, and have the boss give an opinion on the likelihood of the deceased person's future advancement and salary.  Victoria's situation didn't fit that.  

Then I began to think about myself.  I'm a solo practitioner.  What would happen if I died as a result of someone's negligence?  I would would want somebody to figure out how to learn my business, my plans, and determine the value of my company so that my family would be properly compensated.  With that, the goal was set.  I was going to learn Victoria's business and come to know her plans like I knew my own.  And I did.  I had come to know Victoria so well, I feel like I've known her in life.  I came to know her business so well that I learned more about business marketing strategies than an MBA program could ever have taught me. I used to tell her husband that Victoria was my client, not her Estate.  I had come to know Victoria so well that whenever I find myself forced to think about things like marketing my businss, the first thought that comes to mind is "What would Victoria do?"

Welcome to my blog.  I will share with my readers issues of law and medicine that I think will be helpful to know about, or at least interesting.  Thank you, Victoria. It has been my honor to know you.

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