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Failure to diagnose treatable disorder leads to death of child

Parents in Illinois or elsewhere who are forced to take their child to a hospital for treatment generally rely on medical professionals to provide a certain standard of treatment. If the child fails to receive the necessary care, the result could be devastating, potentially leaving him or her to suffer further harm, or worse. A family in another state claims that a failure to diagnose a rare but treatable condition recently led to the death of their 18-month-old daughter.

The incident began when the child woke up screaming and crying, prompting the family to attempt to set up an appointment with her pediatrician. However, her normal doctor was unavailable, and the family was referred to another medical professional soon thereafter. According to the family, the doctor diagnosed the girl with the flu and sent her home.

Lack of communication leads to wrongful death of woman

When a patient in Illinois is suffering from a serious medical condition, his or her treatment may be left in the hands of multiple medical professionals. When more than one individual is responsible for caring for a patient, communication could be of the utmost importance. A family was recently awarded a $10 million judgment after a jury came to the conclusion that a lack of communication contributed to the wrongful death of a 70-year-old woman.

According to reports, the woman was initially receiving different types of treatment from two separate doctors. She claims that while they operated in separate fields, both doctors had taken note of a noncancerous growth on her left kidney. Around a year later, one doctor ordered a scan, which showed a increase in the size of the growth, and recommended a follow up evaluation with the other doctor.

Failure to diagnose embolism leads to death of woman

Individual in Illinois or elsewhere who are forced to visit a hospital for treatment generally rely on medical professionals to be capable of providing the care required. If a patient doesn't receive this standard of care, the result can be catastrophic, potentially leaving him or her to suffer serious harm to health, or worse. A lawsuit has recently been filed against two medical facilities after a failure to diagnose an embolism led to the death of a 41-year-old woman.

According to reports, the woman initially visited one of the facilities after she began experiencing feelings of numbness and weakness in her knees. She was also having trouble taking deep breaths, and was referred to a behavioral-health professional in relation to the possible presence of anxiety. She was scheduled for another appointment nearly a month later, but was forced to visit another facility after experiencing pain in her chest and abdomen.

Family awarded $4 million regarding wrongful death of mother

Childbirth should be an occasion for joy, not for mourning and grief. The advancements in medical care have reduced a great deal of the risks associated with labor, but a mother or child in Illinois may still suffer harm in the presence of negligence. Losing a loved one under similar circumstances can be difficult to accept, and may prompt surviving family members to pursue compensation through a wrongful death claim.

A family was recently awarded $4 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit concerning the death of a woman who had just given birth to her fourth child. She was admitted to the hospital to undergo a cesarean section delivery, which presented a certain level of risk since she had reportedly become anemic during pregnancy. According to the lawsuit, one of the doctors that was performing the procedure punctured her bowel, causing her to lose a substantial amount of blood in the process.

Wrongful death: Family awarded $6 million after death of mother

When a medical emergency occurs, an individual in Illinois or elsewhere may be forced to place his or her health and safety in the hands of others. Emergency responders and professionals endure years of training to prepare for a variety of medical scenarios, and if they do not provide a patient with the proper treatment, he or she may suffer severely. Should an individual pass away on account of such negligence, surviving family members may choose to pursue restitution through a wrongful death claim.

A recent medical malpractice lawsuit resulted in a $6 million judgment in relation to the death of a 20-year-old woman who had recently given birth. She had only been home from the hospital for a week after giving birth to a premature baby when she suddenly collapsed on the floor of her parents' house. Emergency responders arrived to transport her to the hospital, but they reportedly failed to properly intubate her.

Oxygen deprivation during birth leads to permanent brain injury

For parents in Illinois and elsewhere, the birth of a child is a cause for celebration. From the moment a child comes into the world, the parents may wish to shield him or her from any harm. Unfortunately, there are numerous risks involved in child birth, and if negligence is present in any form, the child can suffer irreparable harm, such as a brain injury, which can lead to damages that persist throughout life.

A family in another state recently filed a lawsuit in relation to permanent brain damage their child suffered during birth. According to the lawsuit filed against a doctor and nurse, delays in the child's delivery and care caused her to suffer from oxygen deprivation, which was the cause of her brain damage. Although the defendants reportedly denied fault, both sides eventually came to a settlement agreement in the amount of $750,000.

Failure to diagnose sepsis leads to death of first time mother

The birth of a child should be an event to celebrate, not to mourn. With numerous complications that may occur during labor, medical professionals are generally required to use the utmost diligence in the treatment of a patient. However, this doesn't always occur, and failure to diagnose a medical condition following a similar procedure could leave a family in Illinois in search of answers, and justice.

A recent medical malpractice lawsuit under similar circumstances led to a $20 million judgment for a man who lost his wife shortly after the birth of their child. According to the lawsuit, after giving birth, the woman was sent home only to return to the hospital with a fever and nausea. The family claims that medical professionals ignored test results which indicated that she was suffering from sepsis, and she was sent home once again.

Wrongful death: Mother tragically smothers baby in hospital

For most Illinois parents, having a child is a momentous and joyous occasion. It is also exhausting and sometimes medically challenging for the mother in the days following childbirth. One mother in a nearby state suffered a terrible tragedy after accidentally smothering her son in her hospital bed. She has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the medical facility, alleging that its negligence resulted in his death.

The birth of the woman's son was her first birthing experience. As many mothers require pain medication as they recover from the delivery, she was given narcotics. At some point during the night, a nurse placed her son in her arms for him to nurse. The nurse left the room, and the patient fell asleep as she tried to feed her son.

Hospital accused of failure to diagnose and improper care

Patients in Illinois and elsewhere typically expect to receive a certain standard of care when forced to visit a medical facility. Those with serious medical issues rely on receiving proper diagnosis and treatment. Failure to diagnose and/or care for a patient's condition could be devastating, prompting many to seek out a second opinion should their health fail to improve.

A four-star veterans' hospital in another state has recently been placed under a spotlight in relation to multiple health care concerns. According to reports, numerous patients of this facility have been forced to wait months for referrals and, upon finally seeing a specialist, are found to be in poor health due to improper care and/or diagnosis. In some cases, the lesser standard of care provided to these patients has led to serious medical issues, such as paralysis.

Wrongful death: Woman files lawsuit after untimely death of son

Patients in Illinois and elsewhere who are admitted to the hospital typically have conditions that require constant monitoring. Certain conditions could lead an individual to have thoughts of harming his or herself, and supervision is often required to protect the safety of the patient. Unfortunately, these patients may sometimes be left alone for extended periods, and a lawsuit has recently been filed against a facility and a doctor after a woman claimed that negligence led to the wrongful death of her son.

The lawsuit asserts the man was admitted to the medical facility suffering from psychiatric issues, and he was reportedly having suicidal thoughts during this period. Upon seeing the patient, a doctor notified staff members that he was to be checked on frequently, in 15 minute intervals. However, his mother claims that he was left alone for an extended period, during time which he hanged himself and was pronounced dead.

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