Chicago Surgical Errors Lawyer

Serious and Fatal Injury Caused by Surgical Error

With the rapid increase in surgical procedures being performed in the U.S., it's not surprising to also see an increase in surgical errors. But it's not acceptable. Research into the causes of surgical error concludes that 50 percent or more of surgical problems could have been avoided. At Marion A. Morawicz, Ltd., in Chicago, Illinois, I provide leading advocacy for the victims and families impacted by surgical error and medical negligence.

Errors occurring during surgery can take many forms. I am a Chicago surgical errors attorney with experience in cases involving:

  • Scalpel slips that cut into nearby organs
  • Improper medical clearance for surgery
  • Failure to diagnose and treat a post-operative infection
  • Performing the wrong surgical procedure for the condition
  • Performing surgery beyond the skill level of the surgeon
  • Performing surgery using the wrong instruments

Malpractice and Surgical Mistakes

I have handled surgical injury cases that resulted in loss of function, disfigurement, and in some cases, wrongful death. If you or a loved one is suffering due to the negligence of a surgeon, anesthesiologist or other medical professional, contact me, an experienced Chicago surgical error lawyer.

I work with surgical experts to understand and communicate the causes of the injury and the short-term and long-term effects of the injury on my client. While every case is unique and results can vary, thorough investigation and a dedication to providing the very best legal service has contributed to positive financial outcomes in 95 percent of my cases in the last 15 years.

Settlement: $499,000

I represented the family of a man who died from negligent medical care from improper placement of a tracheostomy following coronary bypass surgery. The tracheostomy tube failed to function properly almost from the moment of insertion. The patient died from prolonged suffocation due to the tracheostomy tube becoming misplaced.

Settlement: $2.75 million

My client was a child who was born with a rare tumor in his sacral area. Proper medical treatment would have required that his tailbone be removed, but his surgeon did not do so. This allowed the tumor to regrow several years later, forcing aggressive cancer treatment. The lawsuit was for incomplete surgery. During the case it became clear that the surgeon had not researched treatments for this condition, and that he had given false testimony and altered his medical records.

Settlement: $400,000

My client was a young woman who had surgery to remove a lymph node in her neck. The surgery was negligently performed, causing damage to the nerve of the trapezius muscle, causing permanent shoulder problems and disfigurement.

Settlement: $3.65 million

I filed a lawsuit against a hospital on behalf of a client who suffered severe injury due to a surgical error in a routine kidney operation. A surgeon cut off blood to the intestines causing death to organs, which ultimately resulted in the patient's death.

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