Chicago Wrongful Death Lawyer

Maximizing Compensation for Victims and Families

An unexpected death is always difficult, but when that death is the result of the negligence of a hospital or medical professional — someone we trusted and relied upon for the safety of a family member — it is all the more tragic. At Marion A. Morawicz, Ltd., in Chicago, Illinois, I am a lawyer dedicated to helping the families who have suffered a wrongful death recover compensation for their tragedy and losses.

Seeking Justice Through Legal Remedies

For some families, the idea of a wrongful death lawsuit can seem overwhelming; for other families, it is a matter of justice. I have helped many grieving families bring wrongful death lawsuits in court to seek compensation for their injury or to obtain justice for a loved one. While money can never fully compensate you for the loss of your loved one, a financial settlement can give you and your family financial stability and time to recover. I am a Chicago wrongful death attorney with experience in cases involving:

Investigating Doctor Error and Medical Malpractice

When bringing a wrongful death lawsuit to court, I work to present a full picture of the harm sustained by the surviving family members. Lost wages, medical expenses, funeral costs and the loss of love, guidance, companionship and support will all be considered when understanding the financial and social consequences of the loss of your loved one. A person is worth more than his or her income potential, but actual income and potential income will also figure into a determination in a wrongful death case.

Settlement: $499,000

I represented the family of a man who died from negligent medical care from improper placement of a tracheostomy tube following coronary bypass surgery. The tracheostomy tube failed to function properly almost from the moment of insertion. The patient died from prolonged suffocation due to the tracheostomy tube becoming misplaced.

Settlement: $800,000

My client was the father of two children. He had a mole surgically removed from his neck seven years before he came to me. It fit the description of cancer: changed color, ragged edges. The pathologist who looked at the biopsy said it was not cancer. Years later a mole reappeared in the same location. My client went to the doctor, who again removed it and sent it to a different pathologist for review. This time it was correctly diagnosed as skin cancer (melanoma). The new pathologist reviewed the old slide and determined the first mole had also been cancerous. Because the original pathologist failed to diagnose the cancer, and the physician did not remove an additional two centimeters of skin around the initial mole, my client had a recurrence of cancer, which spread to his brain and led to his premature death.

Settlement: $1.95 million

I represented the family of a man who died due to misdiagnosis and consequent mistreatment of his serious medical condition. He arrived in the emergency room of a major university hospital complaining of pain. He had severe pancreatitis, but was admitted on a non-critical basis. The next morning he was found dead.

Settlement: $3.65 million

I filed a lawsuit against a hospital on behalf of a client who suffered severe injury due to a surgical error in a routine kidney operation. A surgeon cut off blood to the intestines causing death to organs, which ultimately resulted in the patient's death.

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