Chicago Stroke Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Serious Injury and Fatalities Caused by Misdiagnosis

When your loved one suffers a stroke or heart attack, you want answers. Could the injury have been prevented? Were warning signs ignored? Did your loved one receive proper screening, testing and other standard care procedures based on recognizable symptoms? At Marion A. Morawicz, Ltd., in Chicago, Illinois, I provide informed counsel, advocacy and support to the victims and families of delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis and medical negligence.

Emergency Room Visits Involving Stroke or Heart Attack

In the classic case, a man or woman goes to the doctor's office or the hospital emergency room with the symptoms of a heart attack. Misdiagnosis leads to the patient being sent home without proper testing, only to suffer a crippling or deadly acute myocardial infarction (AMI) shortly thereafter.

As an experienced lawyer, I've seen impending heart attacks misdiagnosed as indigestion. Sometimes you can do everything right and go to the nearest emergency room or see your doctor when you are experiencing chest pain — just like the public service commercials advise — but the doctor misses the signs that a heart attack is imminent.

Heart attack and stroke can also be caused by medical mistreatment. I have represented clients whose heart attacks were brought on by improper medication, treatment errors, or failure to diagnose underlying medical conditions. I represented the family of a woman who had a heart attack during a surgery for which she should not have been cleared.

I have secured financial settlements in 95 percent of the cases I've handled since opening my solo law practice in 1997. As a Chicago stroke misdiagnosis attorney, I am very selective in the cases I take. If I accept your medical malpractice case, you can be assured that I will give it my full attention.

Settlement: $750,000

My client was an elderly woman who suffered permanent brain injury, which caused her to require ongoing kidney dialysis. Her HMO physicians failed to treat her dangerously high blood pressure and ignored the signs of impending kidney failure. These treatment failures led to a stroke brought on by uremic poisoning.

Settlement: $550,000

I represented a man who presented at a Chicago medical emergency department with chest pain. He had all of the classic risk factors and symptoms of an impending heart attack. The emergency room physician diagnosed him with indigestion and sent him home. Three days later he suffered a severe, crippling heart attack that left him permanently disabled.

Settlement: $1.7 million

I represented a woman who suffered from a platelet disorder and blood disease that went undiagnosed. Because she did not receive proper testing, diagnosis and treatment, she suffered a severe stroke that permanently affected her cognitive abilities, including speech. As her legal advocate, I was able to recover $1.7 million from the negligent hematologist responsible for her injuries.

Settlement: $2.75 million

My client was a woman who suffered a heart attack and brain injury due to a medication error. The doctors and nurses at the hospital did not monitor her progress after surgery and did not provide prompt treatment when she began suffering respiratory distress.

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