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Injury and Death Caused by Medication and Malpractice

Medication errors account for approximately a quarter of medical malpractice cases, with failure to administer the proper dosage the most common medication error. Nurses bear primary responsibility for providing medication, so nurses — along with the hospital they work for and the prescribing physicians — are the medical professionals most frequently charged with malpractice for medication errors.

At Marion A. Morawicz, Ltd., in Chicago, Illinois, I provide experienced counsel and dedicated advocacy focused on helping my clients recover maximum compensation for injuries and wrongful death caused by negligent care.

Drug overdoses or wrong medications cause an estimated 7,000 deaths a year.

Experienced Medication Malpractice Attorney

Illegible handwriting can certainly be a factor in some medication errors, but hospitals that care about providing quality health services seek ways to minimize drug overdoses and medication errors. Medication errors can be avoided with proper training, technology, and standardized medical procedures. If only hospitals would make the effort. I am a Chicago medication errors attorney with experience in cases involving:

  • Overdose
  • Dangerous drug combinations
  • Failure to monitor dosages
  • Allergic reactions

In one lawsuit I handled, my client suffered a severe allergic reaction to a prescription medication. When giving her medical history, she told the medical staff she was allergic to a particular substance. The intern who prescribed her medication did not know the allergen was an ingredient. Her allergic reaction caused her skin to peel and fall off. She was hospitalized in the burn unit, unable to work for months.

An allergic reaction cannot be avoided if you don't know you have an allergy, but if you've given a complete medical history and identified the allergen, it is medical negligence to prescribe a drug that can lead to deadly anaphylactic shock.

I have achieved financial settlements in 95 percent of the cases I've handled since opening my solo law practice in 1997. I accept a limited number of cases so I can provide effective and highly responsive legal service to each of my clients.

Settlement: $150,000

My client was an elderly man admitted to a Chicago hospital. An order for insulin was misread and the patient received an excessively high dose, resulting in seizures, coma and brain injury. The nurses who administered the insulin were unfamiliar with what a proper dosage amount is. My client died of unrelated causes two years later.

Settlement: $2.75 million

My client was an elderly woman who suffered a heart attack and brain injury due to a morphine overdose. The doctors and nurses at the hospital did not monitor her progress after surgery and did not provide prompt treatment when she began suffering respiratory distress. My client has lasting short-term memory loss and psychological damage.

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