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Chicago Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Late Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis of Cancer

The medical profession has made great strides in its ability to detect and treat cancer. Effective treatments commonly require early diagnosis. Unfortunately, a medical professionals failure to administer the right tests, follow up on care or assess all potential causes of symptoms can lead to delayed or misdiagnosis. For cancer patients, this can mean the loss of ability to treat cancer or delayed treatment with undesirable results.

At Marion A. Morawicz, Ltd. in Chicago, Illinois, I am highly experienced in the investigation and pursuit of claims against negligent doctors and medical professionals in cases involving delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. I will take a strategic approach to collect all relevant evidence, work with medical experts, and build a compelling case on your behalf. I am a Chicago cancer misdiagnosis attorney, and I commonly consult with patients because:

  • Their doctor did not take their complaints seriously enough to do a thorough and timely examination.
  • Their medical tests, biopsy or x-rays were misinterpreted, and despite continuing physical complaints, their doctor did not re-examine or retest them.
  • Their doctor did not have a good understanding of proper treatment for their type of cancer, did not take the time to consult a specialist, and did not provide appropriate treatment.

Working With Leading Experts in the Field of Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is a tough illness to face down. You know you are in a fight for your life. When the medical professionals you count on fail to act, they MUST be held accountable. I have handled a number of cases for failure to detect cancer, cancer misdiagnosis and improper treatment. Your doctor may not consult the leading experts in the field, but I can assure you that I do.

As a malpractice lawyer, I have achieved successful financial settlements in cases of even very rare forms of cancer, because I was able to determine that doctors did not make the effort to understand the medical facts and the treatment options it required.

Sadly, many of the cancer malpractice cases I've handled are for the benefit of family members left behind. If your family member died from improper diagnosis or incomplete surgery, contact me to talk about your legal options.

Settlement: $500,000

My client was a 37-year-old woman who found a breast lump, consulted her doctor and had a mammogram, which came back negative. She said her doctor told her the lump was due to fibrocystic changes. Her doctor said he advised a biopsy, but his office records indicated a recheck in six to 12 months. My client sought a second opinion and had another mammogram, which again came back negative. Her new doctor ordered a biopsy, which showed a cancerous tumor. She had a mastectomy and chemotherapy, but the cancer had already spread to her spine. Our lawsuit charged that the initial doctor had improperly relied upon a negative mammogram, had not recommended appropriate diagnostic procedures and follow-up. This settlement came shortly before trial. My client, a mother of two teenage daughters, later died of her disease.

Settlement: $2.75 million

My client was a child who was born with a rare tumor in his sacral area. Proper medical treatment would have required that his tailbone be removed, but his surgeon did not do so. This allowed the tumor to regrow several years later, forcing aggressive cancer treatment. The lawsuit was for incomplete surgery. During the case it became clear that the surgeon had not researched treatments for this condition, and that he had given false testimony and altered his medical records.

Verdict: $1 million

My client was a young woman with a prior history of an ovarian tumor that had been removed. Her surgeon advised close follow-up to check for recurrence. She subsequently was enrolled in an HMO. The HMO assigned a nurse practitioner to follow her, instead of a physician specialist. As a result, the tumor returned and grew unchecked, leading to her death from ovarian cancer. This was my second involving the rare cancer known as teratoma.

Settlement: $800,000

My client was the father of two children. He had a mole surgically removed from his neck seven years before he came to me. It fit the description of cancer: changed color, ragged edges. The pathologist who looked at the biopsy said it was not cancer. Years later a mole reappeared in the same location. My client went to the doctor, who again removed it and sent it to a pathologist for review. This time it was correctly diagnosed as skin cancer (melanoma). The new pathologist reviewed the old slide and determined that the mole had also been cancerous. Because the pathologist failed to diagnose the cancer, and the physician did not remove an additional two centimeters of skin around the initial mole, my client had a recurrence of cancer, which spread to his brain and led to his premature death.

Call 312-580-0650 or contact me by e-mail to schedule your free consultation on a medical malpractice claim. I am a Chicago medical malpractice and Hyde Park failure to detect cancer attorney who will make home and hospital visits to meet your needs.

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