Chicago Brain Injury Lawyer

Lack of Oxygen and Brain Injury Caused by Malpractice

The lack of oxygen caused by anesthesia, childbirth injury, stroke or misdiagnosis of a medical condition could result in lasting or permanent brain injury. Victims and their families know the significant loss and lifetime consequences of a brain injury. At Marion A. Morawicz, Ltd., in Chicago, Illinois, I offer experienced counsel and advocacy focused on helping the victims and families recover the compensation they deserve.

Whether a brain injury affects your child or your spouse or your parent, it is among the most devastating injuries for a family to have to face. The financial costs and emotional costs can seem overwhelming. With help, you can live through this. I am a Chicago brain injury attorney with experience handling cases involving:

  • Problem childbirth when the umbilical cord is kinked or the placenta detaches or dies
  • Cerebral palsy and other birth injuries
  • Loss of memory and cognitive abilities
  • Personality changes and dementia
  • A stroke, brought on by a medication error or failure to diagnose a contributing medical condition
  • Drug overdose

Strategic Investigations Involving Brain Injury and Surgical Mistake

As your lawyer, I will work with medical experts to gather evidence regarding the cause of the brain injury and the likely short-term and long-term effects of the injury on you or your loved one. I am skilled at medical research. This is evidenced by the fact that I've achieved favorable financial outcomes for 95 percent of the cases I've handled. While every case is unique and results can vary, my careful selection and thorough investigation of every case has certainly been an important factor in my success.

Settlement: $2 million

My client was a young girl born with cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen at birth. The suit was against the mother's obstetrician for inappropriate management of a pregnancy, resulting in a prolapsed umbilical cord, which cut off the supply of oxygen to the child.  The case settled during trial for the defendant's insurance policy limits.

Settlement: $2 million

Our client was a child born with severe cerebral palsy. The obstetrician failed to diagnose intrauterine growth retardation when the mother was 36 weeks pregnant. If an ultrasound had been performed at 36 weeks, when it was apparent that the fundal height had not grown in three weeks, the growth retardation would have been diagnosed and the child would have been delivered without neurological impairment. The obstetrician's attorney argued that earlier delivery would not have made any difference. The case settled the day of trial for the defendant's insurance policy limits.

Settlement: $750,000

My client was a woman who suffered permanent brain injury, which caused her to require ongoing kidney dialysis. Her HMO physicians failed to treat her dangerously high blood pressure and ignored the signs of impending kidney failure. These treatment failures led to a stroke brought on by uremic poisoning.

Settlement: $2.75 million

My client was an elderly woman who suffered a heart attack and brain injury due to a drug overdose. The doctors and nurses at the hospital did not monitor her progress after surgery and did not provide prompt treatment when she began suffering respiratory distress. My client has lasting short-term memory loss and psychological damage.

Settlement: $1.7 million

I represented a woman who suffered from a platelet disorder and blood disease that went undiagnosed. Because she did not receive proper testing, diagnosis and treatment, she suffered a severe stroke that permanently affected her cognitive abilities, including speech. As her legal advocate, I was able to recover $1.7 million from the negligent hematologist responsible for her injuries.

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