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Advocacy for Victims of Birth Injury

Pregnancy and childbirth are dangerous times for mothers and their unborn babies. Medical providers are extensively prepared to handle the emergencies that can occur at this time. But even non-urgent conditions require careful monitoring. When negligent care or reckless mistakes happen during prenatal care or delivery, the results can be devastating.

Shoulder Dystocia, Cerebral Palsy and Birth Injury Lawyer

If you believe that improper medical care resulted in serious injury to your child, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your losses. I am Marion A. Morawicz, a highly experienced Chicago, Illinois, birth injury attorney with extensive experience handling even the most complex cases and claims involving irreversible birth injuries, including brain damage.

I have a solid record of results obtaining significant verdicts and settlements in cases involving:

  • Failure to diagnose intrauterine growth retardation (when the child stops growing, indicating a problem)
  • Failure to diagnose a breach birth or footing presentation, which may require a c-section or could result in anoxic brain injury or HIE
  • Failure to diagnose gestational diabetes, leading to large-sized babies and delivery problems that can result in shoulder dystocia and Erb's palsy
  • Failure to diagnose placental abnormalities
  • Failure to diagnose high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia
  • Failure to diagnose high-risk delivery and transfer to appropriate facility
  • Failure to diagnose a post-date pregnancy and induce labor
  • Emergency room errors including delay or negligence
  • Surgical errors that result in injury to the mother or the unborn baby

I have also handled cases in which the medical staff failed to provide appropriate medical treatment, resulting in cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and in some cases, death of the infant.

Dedicated, Compassionate Support From a Trusted Advocate

As a mother myself, I feel great dedication to my smallest clients and their families. We cannot undo the injury your child suffered, which may limit his or her future achievements, but financial recovery can be a great help to families trying to find the best resources and therapy to help a child reach his or her full potential.

The mother of a child with cerebral palsy once told me that the money her family received made all the difference in the world. With it, the parents were able to buy an electric wheelchair, a van and an adapted computer, as well as pay for additional therapies to help their child.

As a Chicago birth injury attorney, I have secured financial settlements in 95 percent of the medical malpractice cases I've handled since opening my solo law practice in 1997.

Settlement: $12 million

My client is a child who suffered severe mental retardation and cerebral palsy when medical staff failed to take appropriate action. His mother was overdue to deliver. Doctors did not follow standard medical procedures for managing a post-date pregnancy.

Settlement: $2 million

My client was a young girl born with cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen at birth. The suit was against the mother's obstetrician for inappropriate management of a pregnancy, resulting in a prolapsed umbilical cord, which cut off the supply of oxygen to the child.

Settlement: $2 million

Our client was a child born with severe cerebral palsy. The obstetrician failed to diagnose intrauterine growth retardation when the mother was 36 weeks pregnant. If an ultrasound had been performed at 36 weeks, when it was apparent that the fundal height had not grown in three weeks, the growth retardation would have been diagnosed and the child would have been delivered without neurological impairment. The obstetrician's attorney argued that earlier delivery would not have made any difference. The case settled the day of trial for the defendant's insurance policy limits.

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