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Malpractice Involving Emergency Room Negligence

Misdiagnoses, delayed diagnosis and the misreading of medical tests are the most common hospital emergency room errors. Emergency rooms handle critical and non-critical patients in a fast-paced environment. Staff members in emergency rooms are trained in triage — the assessment of the seriousness of a medical condition in order to provide prompt care when needed. A faulty assessment can lead to delayed diagnosis and treatment, which can lead to death for critically ill patients.

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Investigating Emergency Room Injuries, Delayed Diagnosis and Wrongful Death

Yes, emergency rooms are often very busy, but that is not a valid reason for medical professionals to provide less than acceptable medical care or to fail to review patient histories or perform inadequate testing. These failures are errors on the part of physicians and hospitals, and patients' safety and lives should not be jeopardized. I am an experienced Chicago emergency room errors attorney, and I handle the investigation of claims involving:

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Settlement: $550,000

I represented a man who went to a Chicago medical emergency department complaining of chest pain. He had all of the classic risk factors and symptoms of an impending heart attack. The emergency room physician diagnosed him with indigestion and sent him home. Three days later he suffered a severe, crippling heart attack that left him permanently disabled.

Settlement: $1.95 million

I represented the family of a man who died due to misdiagnosis and consequent mistreatment of his serious medical condition. He arrived in the emergency room of a major university hospital complaining of pain. He had severe pancreatitis, but he was admitted on a non-critical basis. The next morning he was found dead.

Settlement: $2.5 million

I represented a client who suffered a massive stroke because of a misread CT scan. When a blood clot in her brain went undiagnosed, my client suffered a massive stroke that ultimately resulted in the wrongful death of this 33-year-old woman.

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