Case Results

Medical Malpractice Cases

Settlement: $12 million
My client is a child who suffered severe mental retardation and cerebral palsy when medical staff failed to take appropriate action. His mother was overdue to deliver. Doctors did not follow standard medical procedures for managing a post-date pregnancy.

Settlement: $2.75 million
My client was a child who was born with a rare tumor in his sacral area. Proper medical treatment would have required that his tailbone be removed, but his surgeon did not do so. This allowed the tumor to regrow several years later, forcing aggressive cancer treatment. This medical malpractice lawsuit was for surgical errors. During the case it became clear that the surgeon had not researched treatments for this condition, and that he had given false testimony and altered his medical records.

Settlement: $600,000
My client was an elderly woman who had surgery to have her hip replaced.  The surgeon and the hospital were sued for malpractice and surgical error when a wrong-sized prosthesis was used, leading to a fracture of the femur and subsequent surgeries.

Settlement: $2 million
My client was a young girl born with cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen at birth. The suit was against the mother's obstetrician for inappropriate management of a pregnancy, resulting in a prolapsed umbilical cord, which cut off the supply of oxygen to the child.  The case settled during trial for the defendant's insurance policy limits.

Settlement: $2 million
Our client was a child born with severe cerebral palsy. The obstetrician failed to diagnose intrauterine growth retardation when the mother was 36 weeks pregnant. If an ultrasound had been performed at 36 weeks, when it was apparent that the fundal height had not grown in three weeks, the growth retardation would have been diagnosed and the child would have been delivered without neurological impairment. The obstetrician's attorney argued that earlier delivery would not have made any difference. The case settled the day of trial for the defendant's insurance policy limits.

P.M. v. Little Company of Mary Hospital
Settlement: $2.75 million
My client was a woman who suffered a heart attack and brain injury due to a morphine overdose from a PCA pump.  The doctors and nurses at the hospital committed medical malpractice when they did not monitor her progress after surgery and misdiagnosed her condition.

U.A. v. St. Francis Hospital & Health Center, et al
Settlement: $550,000
I represented a man who presented at a Chicago emergency department with chest pain. He had all of the classic risk factors and symptoms of an impending heart attack. The emergency room physician committed medical malpractice and misdiagnosed him with indigestion and sent him home. Three days later he suffered a heart attack that left him permanently disabled.

V.H. v. Mihalakakos, et al
Settlement: $400,000
My client was a young woman who had surgery to remove a lymph node in her neck.  As a result of surgical errors, she had damage to the nerve of the trapezius muscle, causing permanent shoulder problems and disfigurement.

R.J. v. Humana Health Plan, Inc., et al
Settlement: $750,000
My client was an elderly woman who suffered permanent brain injury, which caused her to require ongoing kidney dialysis. Her HMO physicians failed to treat her dangerously high blood pressure and ignored the signs of impending kidney failure. These treatment failures led to a stroke brought on by uremic poisoning.

J.S. v. Saint Mary of Nazarath Hospital Center
Settlement: $150,000
My client was an elderly man admitted to a Chicago hospital. An order for insulin was misread and the patient received an insulin overdose, resulting in seizures, coma and brain injury. The nurses who administered the insulin committed malpractice.  My client died of unrelated causes two years later.

D.N. v. Kleinman, M.D.
Settlement: $1.7 million
I represented an elderly woman who suffered from a platelet disorder and blood disease that was misdiagnosed.  Her hematologist was sued for medical malpractice.  Because she did not receive proper testing, diagnosis and treatment, she suffered a severe stroke that permanently affected her cognitive abilities, including speech.

Wrongful Death Cases

Estate of R.H. v. Metpath, Inc., et al
Settlement: $800,000
My client was the father of two children. He had a mole surgically removed from his neck seven years before he came to me. It fit the description of cancer: changed color, ragged edges. The pathologist who looked at the biopsy said it was not cancer. Years later a mole reappeared in the same location. My client went to the doctor, who again removed it and sent it to a different pathologist for review. This time it was correctly diagnosed as skin cancer (melanoma). The new pathologist reviewed the old slide and determined the first mole had also been cancerous. Because the original pathologist misdiagnosed the cancer, and the physician did not remove an additional two centimeters of skin around the initial mole, my client had a recurrence of cancer, which spread to his brain and led to his premature death.

Estate of I.P. v. University of Chicago Hospital
Settlement: $1.95 million
I represented the family of a man who died due to misdiagnosis and consequent mistreatment of his serious medical condition. He arrived in the emergency room complaining of pain. He had severe pancreatitis, but he was admitted on a non-critical basis. The next morning he was found dead.  This was a wrongful death case involving misdiagnosis.

Estate of J.W. v. Resurrection Medical Center, et al
Settlement: $2.5 million
I represented a client who suffered a massive stroke because of a misread CT scan. When a blood clot in her brain was misdiagnosed, my client suffered a massive stroke that ultimately resulted in the wrongful death of this 33-year-old woman.

Estate of D.E. v. University of Chicago Hospital
Settlement: $3.65 million
Wrongful death lawsuit against a hospital on behalf of a client who suffered severe injury due to a surgical error in a routine kidney operation.

Personal Injury Cases

L.G. v. Fireman’s Fund Insurance
Settlement: $791,407
I represented a 15 year old passenger in father’s pick-up truck hit broadside by armored truck which ran a stop sign after driver fell asleep at the wheel.  My client had multiple fractures, brain injury and post-traumatic stress syndrome.  The case settled for policy limits.

Estate of H.L. and F. L. v. T.P.
Settlement: $500,000
A drunk driver killed an elderly couple who were crossing the street.  Case settled for combined policy limits of owner of car driven by the drunk driver and the underinsured policy of my clients.

L.S. v. ____
Settlement: $300,000
My client tripped and fell while attending a trade show.  She suffered a fractured elbow which required an elbow replacement.