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Hospital accused of wrongful death re overdose on pain medication

The untimely loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult to overcome, especially when it is the result of the negligence of another party. Patients in Illinois and elsewhere who are forced to visit a hospital expect medical professionals to be able to provide an adequate level of care, which unfortunately isn't always what they receive. A family in another state has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a medical facility concerning the death of a 35-year-old woman.

Disabled man's brother accuses hospital of wrongful death

Certain individuals in Illinois and other states have serious medical conditions that restrict their ability to make decisions for themselves. Many of them have caregivers that are responsible for important decisions, but these individuals may not be around at all times. In the event that a disabled person is severely injured in a hospital, there may not be time to wait before administering treatment. A man has passed away after a similar incident, leading his brother to accuse the hospital of wrongful death.

Family claims wrongful death after man dies from blood clot

When a person is forced to undergo surgery, there are often various risks involved during and after the process. Patients in Illinois expect medical professionals to advise them of any possible risks, and to provide them with adequate treatment to avoid any health complications. Unfortunately, some individuals do not receive the information and/or care required, which has led to the wrongful death of many people over the years.

Dosage based on outdated information leads to wrongful death

Patients visit hospitals on a daily basis with common symptoms such as fever and aching. While these can often be non life-threatening, failure to properly address and treat a medical condition can have catastrophic results. Any form of neglect in the treatment of a patient in Illinois, no matter the severity, can do serious harm to his or her health, or worse. A man in another state is accusing a facility of medical malpractice resulting in the wrongful death of his wife.

Failure to monitor serious injury can lead to wrongful death

People expect a certain quality of treatment when visiting a medical facility. Failure to meet an acceptable standard of care can have a negative impact on the health of a patient. If a medical facility is suspected of negligence during the treatment of a patient, they may be held accountable. Families in Illinois who have lost loved ones in similar situations may choose to pursue a wrongful death claim through the civil justice system. 

Medical malpractice leading to wrongful death in Illinois

Physicians endure multiple years of college and residency for a reason. Patients in Illinois expect to see a doctor who is capable of properly treating them when visiting any type of medical facility. Loss of a loved one due to negligence is something no family should have to endure. Families of these victims have the right to file a wrongful death claim if medical malpractice is suspected.

Proving wrongful death in a case of delayed or missed diagnosis

Illinois physicians are required to meet a certain standard of care when treating patients. When that standard is not met, patients can suffer debilitating, permanent or fatal injuries. No family expects to lose a loved one at the hands of a doctor, nurse or other medical professional. If negligence was suspected, discussing a potential wrongful death claim would be appropriate.

The importance of due diligence in wrongful death claims

Losing a loved one is difficult, especially if the loss was due to the negligence of another. Under these circumstances, Illinois residents could exercise their rights to file wrongful death claims against the party or parties who contributed to or caused the deaths of their loved ones. However, it is important that the appropriate due diligence is done and that all of the legal requirements and deadlines are met during the litigation phase and any subsequent appeals that might be necessary.

Man's sore throat leads to the filing of a wrongful death suit

Illinois residents go to emergency rooms to seek treatment for a variety of injuries and illnesses. They expect to be diagnosed and treated by competent medical staff who will not take unnecessary risks or perform procedures that are not needed or recommended under the circumstances. Sadly, sometimes these seemingly basic expectations are not met, and a wrongful death suit could be the result.

Wrongful death claim filed after new information comes to light

Too many Illinois families know what it is like for a family member to go into the hospital and never come out again. Losing a loved one can be difficult enough when medical personnel do everything right in an attempt to save that person's life, but when the loss is due to a mistake made by hospital staff, the death can be even more devastating. One family did not find out until years later that mistakes made by his surgeon led to his death, and now a wrongful death claim has been filed against the hospital where he died and where the doctor practiced.

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