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Failure to diagnose acute leukemia leads to paralysis for girl

A delayed or incorrect diagnosis can be devastating in various ways, and subsequent treatment based on either could do more harm than good. Patients in Illinois and elsewhere often rely on medical professionals to be capable of identifying and treating a condition, and failure to diagnose a condition can cause patients to suffer serious harm, or worse. A young girl in another state was recently awarded a $1.9 million judgment following a recent lawsuit under similar circumstances.

Failure to diagnose rare infection leads to suffering and death

When a patient is forced to visit multiple medical facilities in search of an answer to his or her pain, the result can be devastating. Failure to diagnose and treat a serious health condition in a timely manner can cause a patient in Illinois to experience intense pain and suffering, and in some cases, may lead to his or her untimely death. A man in a neighboring state recently passed away after certain facilities allegedly failed to discover and treat a rare infection.

Failure to diagnose a medical condition can cause serious harm

Patients with a serious medical condition who visit a hospital generally expect to receive a certain quality of care and treatment. Concerning the treatment of these conditions, the first step is often obtaining the correct diagnosis. A condition must be identified in order for the appropriate treatment to begin, and failure to diagnose, or correctly diagnose, the condition of a patient in Illinois can be detrimental to his or her overall health.

Man suffers brain injury following failure to diagnose blockage

When a person visits a medical facility for diagnosis and treatment, timing is usually of the essence. Patients in Illinois expect medical professionals to properly evaluate and treat any possible health conditions. Failure to diagnose a condition can delay treatment required, which can in some cases lead to permanent damage to the health of a patient that may have otherwise been avoided. A music shop owner in another state claims he suffered similar harm as the result of the negligence of a radiologist.

Man suffers permanent quadriplegia due to failure to diagnose

When a person is forced to visit the hospital, he or she may have certain expectations of how things will go. With so many specialists in different fields, patients in Illinois expect to be treated properly and in a timely manner. Some injuries require immediate attention, and failure to diagnose such injuries can cause serious harm to the patient.

Irreparable harm and the failure to diagnose and treat an illness

Illinois residents go to doctors because they are having symptoms that they cannot explain. They rely on medical professionals to figure out what is wrong and provide a course of treatment that will either cure or manage the issue. A failure to diagnose and treat an illness at all, or in a timely manner, could lead to irreparable harm from which the patient might never fully recover, if at all. In some cases, the patient does not survive.

Mom says baby's brain damage was caused by failure to diagnose

Even when a pregnancy is going well, expectant mothers here in Illinois and across the globe can be hyper vigilant about their health and the health of their babies -- as they should be. Sadly, this can sometimes cause doctors to ignore their concerns by believing that a mother is simply being paranoid. The result could be a failure to diagnose a serious issue that could cause injury or death to either the mother or the infant.

Failure to diagnose is high with COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is used to describe a group of lung diseases that includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The damage done to the lungs by these conditions is irreversible, but it can be arrested through treatment -- especially if it is diagnosed early. However, the failure to diagnose COPD in its early stages is high. Part of the reason for this is that primary care doctors here in Illinois and across the country tend to underutilize spirometry (a test used to determine lung function). 

Lawsuit alleges failure to diagnose blood clots

Post-operative complications can compromise any successful surgery. When procedures are not followed to ensure that an Illinois patient does not suffer an infection, blood clots or other complications, the individual can suffer serious health consequences, including death. The failure to diagnose such complications could be medical malpractice.

Case of failure to diagnose meningitis settles before trial

Illinois residents who have suffered harm at the hands of medical personnel retain the right to file medical malpractice claims and have their day in court. However, many of these cases settle prior to going to trial for any number of reasons, not the least of which is due to the fact that litigation -- even when necessary -- can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. Therefore, it might not be difficult to understand that a case involving the failure to diagnose meningitis settled before the trial was scheduled to begin.

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